Time to let some of these bad boys go... I feel like I’m reaching hoarder status. All prices are open to offers too!

Kyosho Mercedes 300SL Gullwing - $40 shipped

The only reason I want to part with this one is I bought a red one for $40!

GONE! Next is this Exoto C2 Grand Sport ($40 shipped). I got it during a black Friday sale and because I wanted a true high-end model. Unfortunately it just never fit into my collection, and there’s a bit of paint rash too.


This Guiloy McLaren XP1 F1. That’s right, it’s based on the prototype and not the road car. It’s way better than my old Maisto, but I think the McLaren in my collection needs to be a higher end model, like the UT or the Minichamps. This impulse buy just sits in the closet now.


Photo: Frosted

Speaking of impulse buys, remember that time I bought a lot of 12 AutoArt Saturn’s? Well the single one that I kept has been in it’s box ever since. I borrowed Frosted’s pic because I never ever took pictures of my own. I’ll ship this one to you for $20.


(Dibs by Eddie) This Lincoln is badass, but unfortunately it’s off scale. It’s around 1:20, rather than 1:18. I love me some slammed Lincoln’s, but again it’s really just not a good fit in my collection. Yours for $20 shipped, but there is no box just FYI. (Eddie’s called dibs)


The Pantera is such an awesome car, and at the time the only one that would fit my budgets was the Hot Wheels 1:18. I think it’s time I upgrade though to a Kyosho; I’m after the rare and elusive Pantera L model! I’m asking $30 shipped for this one. (Frosted’s called dibs)


This last one is a UT Models Ferrari 550. Just pay for shipping and it’s yours. I bought it years ago at a warehouse sale for $5, only to later find out it was missing a front wheel. I “repaires” it with front wheels off a Maisto, but I ended up scoring a red model a few months ago in perfect condition.

Let me know if any of these seems interesting to you!

Feel free to shoot me a email too - Scott at liveandletdiecast.com